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Our Curriculum

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences”. – Dr. Maria Montessori

Early Childhood Learning - Singapore

Little Woods Montessori’s curriculum is designed first and foremost to nurture the child. At Little Woods Montessori they will become curious, confident and accomplished learners. We believe in providing our children with the skills and knowledge necessary for their entry into the next stage of their education and to inculcate a lifelong passion for learning. This will be their most valuable asset to meet the rigours of the next phase of their education.

Themes encompass Science, History, Geography, Art and Music and are planned to enrich each child’s
learning experience and general knowledge. This will be consolidated with a strong foundation in English Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Mandarin.

Our children seamlessly join Grade 1 and Year 1 in the international school systems and Primary 1 in the Singapore school system.

Our Programme

The Montessori curriculum is designed for the remarkable nature of the young child. Important routines are gently presented in a natural, informative and interactive manner. This critical period of development in the child is best supported with simplicity, order and freedom to explore.

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